Going Down

This is a concept piece I did as the cover of the pitch package for my 4th yr film idea. The film is entitled "Going Down", and the idea was spawned by the grimy elevator in the building I lived in for the past two years. I would regularly see shady, suspicious looking characters while riding the elevator, and it occured to me that this would be the perfect, enclosed location to stage a short film. The story revolves around a seemingly sweet old lady who is really more then she appears. I am currently in the storybarding stage and will post my progress on this film as I get deeper into production. Looking forward to seeing this one through...I have so many ideas, it's just a mater of refining and distilling the storytelling aspect, and determining what is technically doable in the given time...If I can get the vision in my head to match what the audience will see on screen, Then we might have something here!

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Cristian Camaroschi said...

Thanks for the comment man. your pitch cover is jokes. I'm sure the film will be great. The crack head is hilarious man. All the characters look very shady and the old lady so sweet and innocent. But i love how her cat looks menacing. Can't wait to see more posts.